Fueling everyday athletes

Sustainable fitness & wellness solutions for busy modern lifestyles

Calling all
downward doggers, 
mountain posers,
pilates pushers,
sweaty spinners,
bench pressers, 
heavy squatters,
booty sculptors, 
breakfast slackers,
lunchbreak boxers,
3pm snackers,
multi taskers &
coffee lovers.

Work hard (& workout harder)

Everyday athletes are multi-taskers who work hard and workout even harder. We expect a lot from what we put in our bodies because quality in = quality out. Need better hydration for your fitness class? A 6am coffee and protein hit before hitting the gym? A 3pm pick-me-up at work? Don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered.

Introducing Protein Joe➁

A protein-enriched instant
coffee shake designed to perk
up your brain, fuel muscles and
burn fat.

Introducing Yoga Flow➁

An instant peach tea designed
for fitness, focus & wellness.

No single-use plastic bottles

We sell our products in travel-friendly packets, never in single use plastic bottles that get discarded after use. Good for the body as well as the planet.

  • Natural ingredients
  • Low sugars
  • No fillers
  • No chemicals
  • Researched actives
  • Sourced globally
  • No single use plastic
  • Made in the USA

Just add to water

Our products are designed to maximize the benefit of key ingredients by releasing goodness and flavor when dissolved in cold water. That means you can transform any plain bottle of water into a Weekday Warriors drink anywhere, anytime.

Single serve packets.
Packaged in boxes.
Shipped to your door.

Oh and FREE shipping for orders over $35.
Even sweeter.